Thursday, November 5, 2009

Humpty Dumpty

Mrs R and Room 5 created this fantastic Humpty Dumpty wall. We sent letters to Humpty recovering in hospital after his fall.

Dear Humpty
I am happy you didn't fall in the frying pan. Don't sit on a wall again. If you do please don't hurt yourself. I hope you've learnt your lesson.

Dear Humpty Dumpty
I hope you're feeling better. You're lucky you didn't fall in a stir fry and you nearly got scrambled. Why did the King's horses and King's men have to fix you? How did you climb up the wall? You had a HUGE BUMP!

Dear Humpty Dumpty
I hope you are all better in hospital. You should never ever sit on a wall or you will end up in the hospital again. I wish you will come out of the hospital brand new. I hope you're all stitched up and look much better. I hope you're having a lovely time and having some food and drink with some healthy stuff.