Thursday, November 5, 2009

Humpty Dumpty

Mrs R and Room 5 created this fantastic Humpty Dumpty wall. We sent letters to Humpty recovering in hospital after his fall.

Dear Humpty
I am happy you didn't fall in the frying pan. Don't sit on a wall again. If you do please don't hurt yourself. I hope you've learnt your lesson.

Dear Humpty Dumpty
I hope you're feeling better. You're lucky you didn't fall in a stir fry and you nearly got scrambled. Why did the King's horses and King's men have to fix you? How did you climb up the wall? You had a HUGE BUMP!

Dear Humpty Dumpty
I hope you are all better in hospital. You should never ever sit on a wall or you will end up in the hospital again. I wish you will come out of the hospital brand new. I hope you're all stitched up and look much better. I hope you're having a lovely time and having some food and drink with some healthy stuff.


  1. These letters are well written. They are all addressed correctly to Humpty Dumpty. Everybody has positive things to say to Humpty, and hopes he gets better. There is even some good advice for Humpty, which shows the writers are caring.

  2. Super duper writing! I really liked CM's use of the word scrambled as Humpty's an egg and he could get scrambled! In fact scrambled eggs are some of my favourite type of eggs to eat! Keep uo the super work.

  3. I think your humpty is very cool from T.C