Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Newspapers: Creative Report Writing

We really enjoyed creating our class newspaper called the Nursery Times. We have been using the theme 'Nursery Rhymes' to hook into literacy in Term 4. We have learned so much. First we read, chanted and acted them. Later we created 'Wanted' posters for a character in a rhyme.
Creating our Newspaper by writing a fantastic report, publishing our work and scanning our pictures of the scene was great fun. We've really enjoyed reading it and sharing it with our friends and families.

Wanted: These Nursery Rhyme Characters

Nursery Rhymes Come To Life

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Humpty Dumpty

Mrs R and Room 5 created this fantastic Humpty Dumpty wall. We sent letters to Humpty recovering in hospital after his fall.

Dear Humpty
I am happy you didn't fall in the frying pan. Don't sit on a wall again. If you do please don't hurt yourself. I hope you've learnt your lesson.

Dear Humpty Dumpty
I hope you're feeling better. You're lucky you didn't fall in a stir fry and you nearly got scrambled. Why did the King's horses and King's men have to fix you? How did you climb up the wall? You had a HUGE BUMP!

Dear Humpty Dumpty
I hope you are all better in hospital. You should never ever sit on a wall or you will end up in the hospital again. I wish you will come out of the hospital brand new. I hope you're all stitched up and look much better. I hope you're having a lovely time and having some food and drink with some healthy stuff.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


In the past, ships were made of wood and had sails like this pirate ship. It took a time to get anywhere especially when the wind dropped. We hope you like the wall display we created. Hope you enjoy sharing these characters. "Shiver me Timbers!" Arrr!

Farewell Kashin

We have discussed our ideas about Kashin as part of our News and Views. In Room 5 we felt sad that we won't be able to visit him any more and many of us think: "They should hurry up and get a new elephant so that Burma won't be lonely. "Its no fun having a mud bath alone." "A year is too long for Burma to be alone." "I hope we don't lose Burma too." What do you think?
One of our students brought an elephant ear headband to wear and a soft toy which 'trumpets' when its squeezed. We won't forget you Kashin. Rest in Peace.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Check out our Little Wheel Similes...

We practised taking our own digital photos of our small wheeled vehicles and then tried to describe them using similes. These students managed to create great images with theirs.
Mrs R

My car is as yellow as the sun and as red as hot flames.

My carriage is as pink as a butterfly.

My car is as green as the grass and as fast as a rocket. The windows are as blue as the sea.

My police helicopter is as black as a cat.

The car is as blue as the sky on a sunny day.

My Mercedes Benz car is as blue as the ocean. The roof is a s black as the midnight sky and seat is like the dark, dark, night.

Monday, August 24, 2009

So many little vehicles. Drive in and check out our photo cube.

Small Wheels Day

This term, Room 5 has been learning about transport. We brought our favourite small wheeled toys to school. It was a lot of fun comparing them, grouping and graphing and of course playing with them.