Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Newspapers: Creative Report Writing

We really enjoyed creating our class newspaper called the Nursery Times. We have been using the theme 'Nursery Rhymes' to hook into literacy in Term 4. We have learned so much. First we read, chanted and acted them. Later we created 'Wanted' posters for a character in a rhyme.
Creating our Newspaper by writing a fantastic report, publishing our work and scanning our pictures of the scene was great fun. We've really enjoyed reading it and sharing it with our friends and families.


  1. I loved reading your "Nursery Times" when I was in your class last week. The pictures and the reports are really great, and lots of fun to read.

    Who knows, perhaps someone in Room 05 will be a reporter for a newspaper when you are grown up!

    Wilma (Aidan R's Mum)

  2. Wow Room 5! You guys are awesome, I love your "Nursery Times" newspaper, and your animations of your nursery rhymes are fantastic too.
    You are all such fantastic kids, keep up the great work.

  3. Hi Room 5,
    haven't we got a great teacher, teaching us heaps of fun art.
    I love your work.
    Keep up the great work and effort.

  4. what a very interesting and well presented newspaper by ther students in room 5.

  5. Wow Room 5 your Nursery Times looks like a very interesting paper to read. I especially like the descriptive language you have used. You have taken characters from nursery rhymes and written your own stories, which is very creative. You have also used a lot of humor, which will keep your readers entertained. Fantastic work.

  6. This looks wonderful everyone. I liked the title egg on the wall - is that a story about poor Humpty Dumpty?

  7. Gosh you must be so proud of yourselves! Not just great work but really fun to read! I'll check in on your blog from time to time and see what new things you're working on! Have a lovely Christmas everyone.

  8. that humpty dumty is the meanest


  9. Hi Fab 5. This is my first visit to a blog. I am a friend of Dakota's Mum and she sent me a link to your blog. Very colourful and I just love the Nursery Times. I live in Timor-Leste. Can you find it on a map?

    Sandra Toreresi