Wednesday, September 2, 2009


In the past, ships were made of wood and had sails like this pirate ship. It took a time to get anywhere especially when the wind dropped. We hope you like the wall display we created. Hope you enjoy sharing these characters. "Shiver me Timbers!" Arrr!


  1. Hi Room 5
    We really enjoyed looking at your pirate pictures.
    We love your background and your Voki.
    We are sad about Kashin too.
    Have you watched our video about Kashin's 40th birthday? Kashin looks so beautiful with her painted patterns.
    From room 4

    Room 4

  2. Wow Room 5 I really like your pirate writing in fact I liked it so much I came and had a proper look yesterday with Mrs R.

  3. What excellent pirate pictures and writing Room 5. Some of those pirates look pretty fierce and I wouldn't like to come across them!

  4. Hi room 05
    I like yor blog my favourite thing is
    the poems

    from CN